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What direction is the Dow Jones going to move in? Who’s going to win the next election? When will public disorder break out?

Noreena reveals at Wired 2011 how social media can be utilised to predict future events.

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Banks’ Discrimination ‘out of order’

November 12th, 2011 by admin

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Noreena unveils sexism of banks

November 11th, 2011 by admin

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A report by Noreena Hertz, published today with IPPR, shows that banks in the UK are discriminating against female customers – against pregnant women and women on maternity leave seeking mortgages, and against female entrepreneurs seeking loans.

The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has announced this morning in the Financial Times an immediate investigation into banks’ lending practices towards women.

There was further analysis of the report’s findings in the Times supplement T2 – ‘The Bottom Line: Why your bank is sexist’ – available on the Times website under a paid subscription.

Noreena has also written an op-ed in the Financial Times today explaining how women are still being treated unfairly in business and finance.

FRIDAY 11th NOVEMBER: New coverage of the issue includes the Daily Mail, the Telegraph, and two pieces in theIndependent: newsand comment.

WEDNESDAY 23rd NOVEMBER: Noreena’s report has prompted further investigation into banks’ racial discrimination: the Financial Times.

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