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Noreena on The Brian Lehrer Show [WNYC radio]

December 19th, 2013 by admin

Listen to Noreena talking on The Brian Lehrer Show and helping callers with useful tips in being able to making better decisions in their lives.

Noreena on Yahoo Finance

December 19th, 2013 by admin

Noreena was interviewed by Yahoo Finance about how to make better and smarter decisions day by day.

Follow Noreena’s 10 tips:
Take experts off of their pedestals
Shake things up
Give yourself sufficient time and space to think
Beware the form in which you’re receiving your information
Tap into the wisdom throughout your organization
Don’t assume tomorrow will look like today
Set your decisions against a blank canvas
Gather intelligence innovatively
Get enough sleep
Carry out regular audits of your emotional state

“No wonder Noreena, now 46, has been dubbed “one of the world’s leading thinkers”, one who gives keynote addresses to the World Economic Forum and advises international corporations when it comes to decision making.

Now she is providing an insight into that very process with Eyes Wide Open, in which she describes in fascinating detail how to make smart decisions in a confusing world, albeit the intention being on how to sustain profitability and make even more money. And that is based on her declared conclusion that we have to accept “the chaos around us – the complexities and uncertainties that are part and parcel of our age”, made all the more so by the mesmerising effects of new technology.”

Read Gerald Isaaman’s great article about Eyes Wide Open on the Camden Review.

Eyes Wide Open packshot_twitter background

Noreena tells HuffPost Live how her mysterious sickness six years ago led her to research how we make decisions and why is it key that we take responsibility for our own decisions.

Noreena’s top advice for decision makers

December 6th, 2013 by admin

Noreena on CNBC’s Power Lunch about how to make better decisions.

“We go to experts because we are so overwhelmed by data, but it’s important not to take the advice at face value. It’s about developing skills to understand and challenge experts when needed.” – tells Noreena in the article by The Economic Times India.

“Buying toothpaste should be a simple task. Yet anyone who has stood in a cosmetics aisle and felt overwhelmed by opting between a paste that promises to whiten their teeth or one for sensitive gums knows there is such a thing as too much choice.” – Read Gabrielle Monaghan’s article about Eyes Wide Open in the Irish Independent.



Noreena talked to Wall Street Journal Live about Eyes Wide Open and the importance of knowing our emotional state in order to become smarter decision-makers in the New Year.

Don’t Just Blindly Follow The Crowd

December 4th, 2013 by admin

The Dutch publication, Perspectives, featuring a 6-page interview with Noreena. Read it here, or on Perspectives’ website.

You can also see Marc Nolte’s beautiful pictures here.

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Noreena on SVT

December 4th, 2013 by admin

Kobra, the cultural flagship program of Sweden’s public broadcast television, SVT, featuring Noreena in its episode about tests. Personalities, products, partners, politicians – is there anything that is not tested today? Is really everything is measurable? Kobra tested the tests [VIDEO] with Noreena’s help.


Kobra Noreena