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EXPRESSO, the leading Portuguese weekly featured an excellent review of Eyes Wide Open and a three-page interview with Noreena.


O Tigre e a Serpente_Expresso_Review_18042014-1-page-001-1



O Tigre e a Serpente_Expresso_Interview_18042014-page-001

O Tigre e a Serpente_Expresso_Interview_18042014-page-002

O Tigre e a Serpente_Expresso_Interview_18042014-page-003

And below is a two-page article from Executive Digest, the major Portuguese monthly business magazine:
O Tigre e a Serpente_Executive Digest_Article+Cover_ Abril2014-page-001

O Tigre e a Serpente_Executive Digest_Article+Cover_ Abril2014-page-002

Noreena was interviewed by Daniel Finkelstein about Eyes Wide Open at the Jewish Book Week in February 2014.

Listen to the full audio recording of the discussion HERE and see Daniel D. Moses’ pictures of the event HERE.

JBW2014_250214_44 Eyes Wide Open_17_-® Daniel D. Moses


Noreena in Psyche&Brein (Dutch)

April 22nd, 2014 by admin

Read the two-page interview with Noreena in Psyche&Brein published on the occasion of the Dutch publication of Eyes Wide Open.

Psyche and Brein-page-001

Psyche and Brein-page-002

De Olhos Bem Abertos, the Brazilian version of Eyes Wide Open has been enjoying great media attention.

Você S/A featured a three-page interview with Noreena:


Brasil Você SA 14-03-2014-page-001

Brasil Você SA 14-03-2014-page-002

Brasil Você SA 14-03-2014-page-003


Época published a great review about De Olhos Bem Abertos:


Brasil Revista Epoca 17-03-2014-page-001

Brasil Revista Epoca 17-03-2014-page-002

Brasil Revista Epoca 17-03-2014-page-003


Harpeer’s Bazaar also featured De Olhos Bem Abertos in its book section:


Brasil Revista Harpeer´s Bazaar 01-03-2014