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Please click here for the Sirius XM, MegaHertz – London Calling episode.
In this MegaHertz episode, Noreena Hertz is joined by esteemed human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson, author and academic Peter Bloom, and BBC broadcaster and National Geographic correspondent Tim Samuels. They’ll be discussing if the death penalty is ever justified, whether CEO philanthropy is double-edged, and the crisis of men’s mental health.

MegaHertz: Royal Wedding Special

June 4th, 2018 by admin

180327 publicity image

Please click here for the Sirius XM, MegaHertz – London Calling episode.

In this episode, MegaHertz celebrates the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in this very special episode. Host Noreena Hertz is joined by authorities on the subject – best-selling royal biographer Andrew Morton, the UK’s top-selling female historian and specialist on royal weddings Alison Weir, and world expert on the differences between British and American English Professor Lynne Murphy. They discuss all things Meghan Markle, what history can teach us about royal weddings, and what can go wrong when a Brit marries an American.