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Noreena on Four Thought

August 8th, 2014 by admin

When Noreena became very ill she confronted a difficult question: who should she trust?

The answer was much more complicated than it first appeared and her quest to find out more about her treatment led her to a deep scepticism about expertise.

Four Thought is a series of thought-provoking talks in which speakers air their thinking on the trends, ideas, interests and passions that affect culture and society in front of a live audience.

Listen to the full program HERE.

BBC Radio 4 Four Thought

Noreena talkes to Jeremy Vine on Radio 2 on What Makes Us Human.

Noreena was interviewed by Daniel Finkelstein about Eyes Wide Open at the Jewish Book Week in February 2014.

Listen to the full audio recording of the discussion HERE and see Daniel D. Moses’ pictures of the event HERE.

JBW2014_250214_44 Eyes Wide Open_17_-® Daniel D. Moses


Newshour debates whether big bank profits are a good or bad thing in the current climate.

Noreena Hertz guest speaks with Allister Heath, editor of City AM newspaper.

Listen to the clip on the BBC World service website

Listen to the podcast (number 29) on the Editorial Intelligence Apple/iTunes website

‘Dr Noreena Hertz, an Associate Director of CIBAM at Judge Business School in Cambridge tells Boni Sones why she thinks we are about to move from an era of “Gucci” capitalism to a new one of “co-operative capitalism” and how women and families will benefit.’

Listen to the podcast on the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge website

See also Women’s Parliamentary Radio ( for the same podcast on Women and the recession (23/09/2010: 5th in Top Ten most downloaded podcasts)

As anti-globaliszation protests are held ahead of the G8 summit, Cambridge economist Professor Noreena Hertz and Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, Chair of G8 Business Action for Africa, discuss whether business will aid or hinder Africa.

Listen to the full interview on the BBC Radio website

Billions of pounds of debt owing by African countries has been cancelled, so does that mean much less poverty on the streets and in the villages? Phillip Legraine and Noreena Hertz have both written books on the subject of third world poverty … and come to different conclusions

Listen to the full interview on the BBC Radio website

Economist Noreena Hertz recently launched an attack on Western governments and banks for not cancelling more of the developing world’s debt. She tells Martha why she thinks the people who suffer most as a result of this debt are women and children.

Listen to the full interview on the BBC Radio website

Noreena Hertz has come to the conclusion that women are disproportionately bearing the brunt of our global development strategy, working for subsistence wages in conditions that are degrading and dangerous.

Listen to the full interview on the BBC Radio website