Eyes Wide Open – Praise


“A brilliant writer … and formidable researcher.”TIMES HIGHER EDUCATION
“Excellent and surprising.”MAIL ON SUNDAY
“Noreena Hertz has written perceptive books about the growth of global capitalism and international debt. Now she’s turned her attention to the information age with “Eyes Wide Open” … She’s right on the money with a directive that we should become ‘challengers’ of so-called expert advice.”INDEPENDENT
“Don’t make a decision without this woman.”EVENING STANDARD
“A practical guide to critical thinking in the digital age that is as useful for students as it is for CEOs … Most books of this type urge us to do what they say and everything will be fine. Hertz’s is an antidote to this kind of thinking.”THE SUNDAY TIMES
“Eyes Wide Open is comprehensive – it covers everything from the use and abuse of statistics and numerical techniques (including a depressing reminder that most of our political leaders can barely count) to the need to be qualitative in our decisions.”MANAGEMENT TODAY
“Witty, well-researched and practical, EYES WIDE OPEN is an invaluable guide for anyone facing tough decisions in today’s complex world. Hertz alerts us to the landmines we need to avoid when making tough calls and provides clear and actionable recommendations overall to help us make better and wiser decisions.”—Dominic Barton, Global Managing Director of McKinsey & Co
“Noreena Hertz brilliantly combines academic research with a pragmatic approach. At the movie studio, we often have to make very expensive decisions based on imperfect information. EYES WIDE OPEN will be of great help as we continue to rewire the process by which we make decisions.”—Michael Lynton, CEO, Sony Corporation of America
“Professor Hertz delivers a wise, witty and inspirational guide to decision making in the restless, dangerous and hyperactive age of information excess and web technology, using her characteristic tools and broad knowledge from history to Hollywood, from politics, pop culture to economics and literature, to produce a dynamic and thoughtful plan for living and deciding in the 21st century”– Dr Simon Sebag Montefiore, bestselling author of Jerusalem
“EYES WIDE OPEN helps you to survive the digital deluge that swamps your decision making in this information age. It’s provocative, helpful and funny.”– Martha Lane Fox, UK Digital Czar
“Hertz’s EYES WIDE OPEN is the go-to handbook for thinking intelligently and keeping your wits about you in an increasingly complicated and digital world.”—Don Tapscott, bestselling author of Wikinomics
“With 10 sensible steps to take, Noreena Hertz charts a sound decision-making route for us through a world in hyper-drive. I’d recommend a prudent first step—get this book.”– Robert B. Cialdini, bestselling author of Influence
“The hieroglyphics that are our modern world just got a great translator, for in her fascinating new book Noreena Hertz has given us a kind of Rosetta Stone that permits us all a new perspective on the chaos we call life.”—Ken Burns, filmmaker