How can we come together in a world that’s pulling apart?

Even before a global pandemic introduced us to terms like social distancing, loneliness was well on its way to becoming the defining condition of the twenty-first century.

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“Essential reading for anyone who wants to make sense of our complex times…Destined to be a classic.”
—Nouriel Roubini, Professor at New York University and Bestselling Author

“A compelling vision for how we can bridge our many divides at this time of great change and disruption.”
—Arianna Huffington, Founder and CEO of Thrive Global

“Masterfully explains the many facets of our Lonely Century and how we can do better, as individuals and as a society.”
—Erik Brynjolfsson, Professor at Stanford University and Bestselling Author

“Fascinating, timely and important.” 
—Charlie Brooker, Creator of the Netflix Series, Black Mirror

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Noreena Hertz

Bestselling Author
Thought Leader

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“One of the world’s leading thinkers.”

– The Observer

“We built a lonely world. Now we have the opportunity to rebuild the world, with compassion, community and care at its heart.”

Noreena Hertz

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Author of The Lonely Century, Broadcaster, Professor, Economist, Speaker, Board Member.

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