‘Newsnight’ with Jeremy Paxman – The real issues behind the May Day protests (BBC One)




Most of our polls seem to suggest most people share your view that national parliaments have less power than big organisations. Why is it ,Dr Noreena Hertz, that mainstream politicians seem unwilling to grasp this problem?





Firstly, we have to realise that people really feel that you guys are not delivering.




When you say “people”, you’d better be a bit more specific.




Okay, I’ll be a bit more explicit. A survey of 16 to 24-year-olds showed that 71% of them felt that whoever they voted for out of the three mainstream parties, it would make no difference to their lives. Only 44% of people aged between 18 and 24 voted at the last election. There’s a crisis of confidence in politics. I think that’s coming about, and having spoken to some of the protesters who I was observing at the protests today, people feel excluded from the system. They feel that governments have handed over power to big corporations in the market and that they have got no say, and that governments and politicians, who are supposed to be protecting their interests and taking and looking after their concerns, are not doing so.

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