85% believe that global brands have power to make the world better – 10 statistics to come from McCann’s the Truth About Global Brands Study

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McCann’s Worldgroup unveiled its Truth About Global Brands study in London last week, having originally debuted it in January in New York, which produced a number of insights including the statistic that 85 per cent believe that global brands can make the world better.

The study’s findings were discussed across several panels at the event which included the thoughts of economist Noreena Hertz, an expert in exploring youth culture, which she described as Generation K, the K referring to the character of Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games saga.

She explained that it was a generation that was “fundamentally shaped by technology” but who were “profundly anxious” as a result of the pressures on the economy, the lack of jobs and the growth of terrorism, which 70 per cent were worried about in itself.

The research was explored by Suzanne Powers, global chief strategy officer for McCann Worldgroup and Rodney Collins, regional director EMEA for McCann Truth Centre, who covered the data generated by the responses of 30,000 people from across 29 regions.

“Think of consumers second, and humans first. Finding the fundamental human issues is more global,” was one insight delivered by Powers.

While ultimately the research was dense, they concluded their presentation by offering one piece of advice on how a brand should behave; like the world’s best house guest where they stay briefly in the consumer’s consciousness and “clean up after themselves” when finished.

Historian David Starkey also caused mirf on the final panel by offering his views on brand behaviours, claiming that essentially everything was made by the British.

The three principles of Deep Globality were also discussed; Create a Global Framework, Earn Our Way into Culture and Inspire Creative that Travels. More details about those can be found here.