“…And Why We Must Defuse It”

The Debt Threat

The Debt Threat

How Debt is Destroying the Developing World…and Threatening Us All

Noreena Hertz, one of the world’s leading experts on economic globalization, looks at the history of third-world debt and its crippling effects on people in developing countries.

Drawing from her impressive debt-relief campaign, fact-finding travels, and meetings with top-ranking officials, Hertz offers a probing analysis of the origins of this rampant burden and its evolution through the decades. With clear principles of justice, she uncovers the imbalance of power and misuse of corrupt dictators and reckless lenders.

Praise for
The Debt Threat

“A thundering polemic…introduces new urgency into the argument for debt-forgiveness.”

- The Observer

“Brave, provocative and groundbreaking. Everyone should read this book.”

- Bob Geldof