Noreena Featured in Romania’s HotNews

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“Noreena Hertz – The Lonely Century. I live on my cell phone. Daily. It’s loneliness. It depends on the likes. It’s loneliness. I leave my child in the cell phone. I sentence him to loneliness. I walk down the street with my headphones on. Loneliness. I “hang” on Tinder and no one and nothing suits me. Loneliness. I stand in front of a man like me, having a coffee and rubbing the applications. Loneliness. The pandemic locked us in the house. Alone. Countless poses of the man alone. To the man who no longer belongs to his world, to his nature. His way of being. Numerous excluded. More and more mute. I read the book “Noreena Hertz – The Century of Loneliness”, I became aware of this loneliness. We live surrounded by loneliness and feel safe bathed in our own depression. We are addicted to depression. This is the chronicle of the book Noreena Hertz – Century of Loneliness, Humanitas, 2021.”