Noreena on The Web Psychologist (Podcast)

Listen to Nathalie Nahai’s great interview with Noreena on The Web Psychologist. Click here for the full podcast.

NathalieNahai TheWebPsychologist

During the podcast, you will learn:

  • Why you should be more wary of who you trust (particularly experts)
  • Who is more accurate: An expert or a monkey throwing a dart at a board
  • What listening to an expert does to your brain & how it affects your decision making ability
  • The first step to independent decision makers
  • How to become a smarter hunter gatherer of information
  • The difference between proclaimers and curator
  • Dopamine and confirming beliefs
  • The common theme among smart decision makers
  • The importance of a “Challenger in Chief” or your own team of rivals
  • The problem with email alerts and your brain
  • The crucial time block you need in your schedule
  • Online shopping & reviews: what to trust
  • The most dangerous experts
  • The importance of questioning your beliefs
  • The effect of your emotional state in decision making & how to counteract it
  • Crowdsourcing information, listening in and how technology improves our decision making