Noreena’s Interview for Eat Sleep Work Repeat Podcast

You can listen to the podcast here.

Over the last few weeks the newsletters that have achieved the most resonance were related to having a friend at work. For many of us our favourite jobs were enhanced by having a desk buddy – or a group of friends we could laugh with. But for many people their experience of work is increasingly lonely – maybe they had friends when they were in the office but that experience has transformed in the last two years. Yes, we’ve managed to get our jobs done, maybe our domestic life has even improved but work just feels a little more isolated and joyless.

How big an issue is this for us? Noreena Hertz is here to persuade you this silent spread of loneliness has wide reaching consequences, both for our organisations and for our societies. In a brilliant and wide-ranging discussion we discuss why loneliness matters and what any of us should be thinking about to make our experience of work more complete.